Patient Reviews

Real patients. Real stories.

Read the testimonials of three patients as they share their personal success stories. Each came to Dr. Pailin for a different reason, but they all agree: Dr. Pailin stands out in her field as a caring and knowledgeable practitioner of holistic health.


I have been receiving acupuncture and related treatments from Pailin Winotaka for 11 years. She is a superb clinician who provides treatment and care beyond any standard expectation.

Firstly, she is profoundly knowledgeable and her ability to use acupuncture and related Eastern techniques (cupping and Chinese Medicine) is amazing.

She has treated me for chronic pain issues and conditions for which I have refused standard Western medications (pain meds for pain management, diuretics for mild swelling).

I see an M.D. annually and am fully aware of my health and any conditions I may have. I am in superb health, wholly supported by the care and treatment I receive from Pailin. It was, in fact my physician (since retired) who originally referred me to Pailin.

Pailin is an intuitive and caring clinician. If I had young children I would NOT hesitate to bring them to Pailin for treatment of a variety of condition which afflict children.

I cannot recommend Pailin more highly.


I had irregular periods from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and was trying to get pregnant for almost a year. Pailin was able to fix my cycle naturally, with no hormone medication, and within 6 months I was pregnant with my daughter. Of course I went back to her when my husband and I were ready for a second child, and I am currently almost 7 months pregnant. My family would not be what it is today without Pailin.

And besides being a miracle worker, she actually cares about her patients. She is so warm and kind and has an honest passion for caring for people holistically. We’ve become friends over the years and my daughter even wears hand-me-downs from her daughter! I can never thank Pailin enough.

I’m so happy I found her.


Going to Pailin has been life-changing. I started seeing her when I was 35 years old for help with fertility. First, she helped get my body on track after a miscarriage. I became pregnant shortly thereafter and had an incredibly easy delivery, which I attribute to consistent sessions with Pailin throughout my pregnancy. These sessions also helped keep my nerves and hormones in check, which as any pregnant woman will tell you is no small feat!

I kept going to Pailin after our daughter was born knowing we would want another child. She was just as helpful, if not more, the second time around. Pailin taught me how to be in-tune with my body so that I knew exactly when my husband and I should try to conceive – something that gets much trickier as you get older. As a result, my husband and I are expecting a baby boy in a few months. I honestly don’t think our family would be in the shape it is if it weren’t for Pailin.

I’ve referred countless friends to Pailin, all of whom have had similarly rewarding experiences. She is an acupuncture expert with vast knowledge of herbs and holistic remedies for the body. More importantly, she has a wonderful bedside manner; she’s calming, patient, understanding and very easy to work with.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about Pailin. I’ve tried acupuncture with others and it simply wasn’t the same.

Thank you, Pailin, for all your help!