Treating the Whole Person

not just the symptoms

Acupuncture and TCM go beyond conventional medical treatments by working to heal on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Dr. Pailin Winotaka
Licensed Acupuncturist In NYC & Long Island

A native of Thailand, Dr. Pailin has been practicing her safe, effective and caring brand of acupuncture and Eastern healing in New York City for over 20 years.

She offers services and treatments to help patients find relief from the imbalances caused by modern life using natural and time tested Eastern methods.

She welcomes you to her convenient Manhattan and Long Island locations.

Areas Of Expertise

Emphasis is on developing a treatment plan for each individual patient – not just their symptoms.

"Healing is an organic and holistic process. Illness is never separate from the person it is affecting."

Dr. Pailin Winotaka

Need help overcoming health challenges?

 Acupunture and TCM can help you feel better and more vital. Take the first step to improve your health and your life by reaching out today.