Is a Pill Really the Only Remedy for Your Depression?

Feeling sad and depressed? It happens to most people from time to time, and when it happens a lot,and really interferes with your ability to live a happy and productive life, many people turn to anti-depressant drugs. Drugs like Zoloft, Prozac and Clonapin are regularly prescribed by doctors, and there is certainly a place for them. But they also have many side effects and can cause problems.

Acupuncture can often provide a drug- and side effect-free remedy for depression. It helps you balance key depression indicators in your body, like cortisol hormones that release when you’re stressed. Many studies show that after acupuncture treatment also releases endorphins from the brain – the same hormone that’s released when you exercise and makes you feel happy and light! Why not try acupuncture the next time you’re hit by the depression blues? It can help your improve mood and help with many other ailments as well!

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