Acupuncture and Beauty

Getting older is a fact of life. But just think of the amount of money spent every year on cosmetics and procedures in the effort to maintain a youthful appearance?

Creams, lotions, makeup, and even plastic surgery only treats what’s happening on the surface. Acupuncture treats the whole person. In fact, many “beauty problems” signify issues with the body that can be relieved by acupuncture’s healing needles.

Did you know face puffiness can signal a digestive problem? It may also be a sign of poor lymphatic drainage. Creams and gels provide a temporary fix (and they can be ridiculously expensive!) Acupuncture can address the problem from the inside out by creating a healing response from the appropriate needle placement.

Digestive problems can also manifest in ailments like acne and rosacea. Both can be caused by an internal balance, including pre-menstrual breakouts. Think of acupuncture as resetting that balance, resulting in less redness and inflammation.

Often, a practitioner can detect an internal problem simply by looking at your face. Are you suffering from a lackluster complexion? Oftentimes this is caused by a lack of energy flowing in the body. An acupuncture needle inserted in the face can stimulate collagen production, circulation, and reset the energy and balance within the body.

The next time you are fretting about what’s happening on the outside, make an appointment with me to find out what could be happening on the inside. When the inside is taken care of, you can be sure it will show on your face. Make an appointment today by calling 917-620-9819 or by clicking here.

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