Trigger Point Acupuncture

Feeling Triggered? Acupuncture Can Help!

Acupuncture works by stimulating selected points in different areas of the body to rebalance the Chi energy and restore positive balance. As part of this process, key parts of the brain that release endorphins, or chemicals that relieve pain, are also stimulated. This is one of the reasons why Acupuncture is so effective at reducing or eliminating pain, both temporary and chronic.

Throughout the body there are myofascial “trigger points,” which can be described as hyperirritable spots in skeletal muscle. When compressed, these trigger points can cause recurring pain, tenderness, motor dysfunction, or other autonomic symptoms. This can also be a recurring cause of stress leading to depression and other negative consequences.

When a trigger point is blocked due to compression, the muscle stops going through its normal cycle of contracting and relaxing when it is tight or contracted for a long period of time, which means it receives less blood flow, oxygen and nutrients. When this happens, muscle knots or tight bands can cause pain as a result. These blocked trigger points can even cause pain in parts of the body that may seems unrelated.

Many chronic pain conditions are the result of trigger points that have become blocked due to poor posture – a common activator and perpetuator of myofascial trigger points. Posture issues can be caused by tilted heads (due to smartphone use), slouching, bad driving positions, computer screen placement, desk posture, sleeping positions, lifting/carrying or other common habits.

With this in mind, Dr. Pailin carefully identifies and treats key trigger points in the body with precision Acupuncture, and the results are often instantaneous, with lasting benefits for pain and stress relief, as well as overall improved health due to a more liberated and free flow of Chi energy.