Respiratory Illnesses

Respiratory Challenges

With flu season coming up, many of my patients have asked about whether or not they should get flu shots for themselves and their children. They are rightfully concerned about potential dangers, because Flu vaccines can contain harmful materials like detergent, mercury, formaldehyde, ether, and sometimes even live flu virus.

When to Seek Help

Cold and flu season or any time the risk of airborne illnesses becomes elevated, treatment is encouraged for prevention or recovery.

Forms of Approach

I usually advise people not to get the flu shot, but to opt for a combination Acupuncture/Chinese herb flu preventer instead. Specially formulated Chinese herbs support the immune system to prevent “wind cold” or “wind heat” – specifically a formula called “jade wind screen” that protects and helps strengthen immunities, as well as renowned formulations to resolve heat and toxicity like “gan mao ling” and “yin qiao san” can help the body fight the flu or cold virus once it has enter the body, especially when used in combination with Acupuncture.

What to Expect From Treatment

This “one-two punch” can not only help prevent flu and colds, but help to lessen the effects and help your body get well if you do catch one!